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Passenger Tires

We see them everyday, passenger tires ferrying various people around the cities of the world. Passenger tires are connected to the feet of the standard sedan, the family car that is either driven everyday or by a little old lady to church every Sunday. These tires are, without a doubt, the most used tires on the planet. No one really takes notice of the family car’s tires – except perhaps a police officer issuing you a ticket for having a tread-less tire. It is moments like being ticketed by the police officer that we decide to check out the tires on the family Chevrolet. We’re usually shocked to find that the car’s tires are worn almost to the steel belts that keep the tire in its rounded shape. After looking at the state of the passenger tires, we retire indoors and announce to the family, that the car needs new tires. The next step, after the whining has died-down, is to search the Net for a good set of tires.

 Bridgestone’s Ecopia EP-02 is an ecological low rolling resistance tire which is designed to save energy. This tire is primarily designed for electric vehicles and not gasoline powered cars. However the tire is able to withstand the speeds of a standard car. Ecopia EP-02 passenger tires perform well in wet and dry conditions, however they are not recommended to be used on roads that have deep snow and ice. In short, you can’t use these tires in Alaska during the winter months. Retailing at $133.00, this tire is a worthwhile investment for drivers who take care of their vehicle.

 Another choice of tire is B.F Goodrich’s Advantage T/A. This tire is an everyday tire that performs excellently. Its G-Grip tread is long lasting and holds the vehicle on the road for a smooth ride and safe, easy cornering. The manufacturer boasts that Advantage T/A passenger tires have been designed for ease of maintenance and the extended tread life is an added bonus.

 There are many other good tires that if fitted to your family car, will perform well and give you years of safe, reliable driving. It is important, however, to regularly check the air pressure of the tires and whether the tread is wearing evenly. If you find the tread is not wearing as it should, take you car to a garage and have the car’s wheel alignment checked. If you fail to do simple regular checks of your vehicle’s passenger tires, various problems with arise.