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Mud King Tires


Mud King TiresMud King TiresMud King TiresMud King Tires
Truck Mud Tire - Need A Good Set Of Them?  Read On.

If you’re the driver of a large truck or even a smaller truck, having a good truck mud tire on all four wheels is a must. If we compare vehicles to the bees in a beehive, the truck is the worker bee. It’s a truck’s job to do the heavy work, the lifting, the carrying and the pulling. So, in order for a truck to do its work efficiently it needs to have the best hardware and one of a truck’s most important pieces of equipment are its tires. Yep, those black doughnuts that enable the truck to go places a sedan couldn’t. Finding a good, reliable truck mud tire can be an exhausting, but fun task. The Internet is replete with various dealers offering deals on good truck tires.

 The Carlisle Trail Wolf 537054 tire is a tough truck mud tire able to pull a heavy laden truck out of mud without a problem. Retailing from $57.00 each, these tires are 4 ply rating, which means they are virtually unable to get punctured. Thick side walls mean great cornering control. Off-road, the tire’s meaty thick and deep tread is long wearing as it bites into the dirt like some sort or mechanical dinosaur chewing up the land as it hauls its load. The rubber of the Trail Wolf tire consists of tough compounds which gives the tire its strength. For truck drivers considering investing in tougher tires, this tire won’t let you down.

 Not to be beaten, the Baja Claw Radial truck tire is another menacing black monster. A set of these on your vehicle will keep you level on the road at all speeds. The unique radial design prevents rolling offering a smooth ride on the highway. The tread design is similar to the above Trail Wolf in that it has the grittiness and depth to be able to haul a truck out of mud with relative ease. The Baja Claw Radial will be able to handle all the work you put them through. The thick hardened compound rubber gives the tires a longevity car owner’s envy. On or off road this tire is a truck mud tire designed to last.

 When you start shopping for truck tires, make sure you don’t go out and buy the first set the dealer shoves in front of you. Find out the ins and outs of the each tire brand you look at. The dealer is going to want you pay through the nose for a set of tires that you could probably get cheaper some other place. This is why it is important to check out different websites and head to different dealers. With a little effort, you’ll find the right truck mud tire for the feet of your truck, no problem.